MKAL – Latvian Name-Days Letter Blanket.

Most of us celebrate our birthdays – with cakes, cookies and gifts. But in many cultures there are first names associated with the days of the year. Latvians are among the world's most ardent supporters of celebrating name days. In Latvia, name days (in Latvian "vārda dienas") are settled on certain dates. Each day is someone’s Name day. Usually Latvian calendars list up to 2-4 names each day -around 1,000 names a year.

How we’ll make our blanket?

On Mondays we’ll give you the first letters of Latvian Names for each day of the week (seven days). We’ll knit or crochet one row for each letter in color from color card (follow our color card). You can choose our colors or do your own color cards. The result is a striped, elegant, warm and cozy blanket for cold winter evenings. You may also to do all one week rows in one or two days, up to you. The most important is that you enjoy knitting and crochet this project. At least there’ll be 1008 rows in blanket.

Practical information!

The MKAL begins on 1st of January 2019. You can join project at any time. All dates and letters you’ll find in special thread by Ravelry.

Who can participate? – everyone with some interest, from beginners to experienced masters.

For all blanket you’ll need approx. 2.3 kg yarn DK 8-ply weight, 22 color shades.

If you want only to follow the MKAL progress - you are warm welcome.

Letters and color card:

A – natural grey 350 g

M – ocean blue 190 g

I – white 170 g

S – lilac 160 g

V – pink 157 g

L – light blue 145 g

E – dark teal 145 g

D – purple 128 g

R – mustard 123 g

Z – dark sea-green 85 g

G – lemon yellow 96 g

K – mandarin orange 91 g

J – Christmas red 61 g

B – light pink 61 g

T – red 48 g

H – yellow 46 g

N – rosen pink 39 g

O – grey green 37 g

U – old pink 31 g

P – dusty violet 24 g

F – dark purple 22 g

C – dark blue 9 g

Measurements: blanket will be 150 cm wide and 250-260 cm long, you could knit or crochet blanket in any size you wish. If you do all rows with DK weight yarn, finally your blanket should be about 250-260 cm long. And you can say: “It’s enough!” at any moment.

Material: pure wool Latvian sheep yarn – Klinta Wool Base, DK 8-ply weight, 250m/100g, in total 2.250 kg.

Knitting needles: circular needles 120 cm, Nr. 3.5 mm / 4 US using Klinta yarns.

Gauge: 20 stitches and 40 rows in garter stitch = 10 cm/4 inches using Klinta yarn, about 5.4 meters Klinta yarn per row, incl. weaved ends.


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