About Us

We are family run business located in Berlin, Germany, with roots in both Germany and Latvia.

About wool yarns: raw wool comes from Germany. The finished product is made in a handpicked factory in Latvia

Yarns in following weights:

8/1 Lace, 1-ply wool yarn

4/1 fingering, 1-ply wool yarn

8/2 fingering/4ply, 2-ply wool yarn 

7/2 sport/5ply, 2-ply wool yarn

8/3 DK/8ply, 3-ply wool yarn

2,5/2 Bulky/12ply, 2-ply wool yarn 

Yarn and wool products comes at competitive prices and the best of quality. Wool is a natural and clean product made without adding chemicals and/or synthetics.

We are able to ship orders worldwide.

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