About Us

We are family run business located in Berlin, Germany, with roots in both Germany and Latvia.

About our wool:
We use raw wool that comes from Germany. The finished product is made in a handpicked factory in Latvia. The factory Limbazu Tine has been producing wool yarn products since 1914. 100% pure wool. We mix in best proportions - 80% Merino (Germany) and 20% Blackheads sheep' wool (Latvia). And the dark grey shades of undyed wool we add more Swedish "black" sheep’s wool. Yarns in following weights: 1-ply Lace, 4 ply fingering, 8 ply DK and 12 ply Bulky.

All our yarn and wool products comes at competitive prices and the best of quality. Our wool is a natural and clean product made without adding chemicals and/or synthetics. As our products comes in bright and natural colors, we offer our wool and yarn in any color required.

From our warehouse in Latvia, we are able to ship orders worldwide.

As an option we also offer only handmade gloves, socks, mittens, pullovers and cardigans.

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