Yarns on Cone

Yarns on Cone

Wool Yarn on Cone to order.

Fibers: 100% wool - Merino 80% / Blackhead sheep wool 20%.

Avaiable worsted yarns weights - LACE 1-ply, 8/1 and NATE (for standard knitting maschine ) weight Fingering 2-ply, 8/2 14wpi and BASE yarns weight DK 3-ply 8/3 11wpi and NATURA yarns weight Bulky 2/2.5 7wpi, 2ply.

Up to 2 kg yarns on each cone.

Please email us about your wishes, order minimum 35 kg pro color, we will inform you about colors and yarns amount availability today and order options.
Prices for more volumes on demand. Free yarn samples available.

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